Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is a progress.
And working together is success.
Henry Ford

Our jogoli`s team consists of professional teachers with excellent English knowledge, native speakers as well as supporting additional helpers. We are an international team that comes inter alia from America, England, Colombia, Turkey, Spain, Kroatia and Palestine. Together, each group is a highly motivated and qualified team. In addition to the English language, jogoli’s employees fetch much their own culture and traditions. A fresh breeze of various characters opens an international dimension to the children.

Each employee is carefully selected to live up to the standard of jogoli `s international kindergarten and pre-school and to our concept.
jogoli `s international kindergarten & pre-school gives free rein to the employees and their ideas in the context of concept implementation because only if our staff can develop, the children can develop as well. Our goal is to grow with the children and to live actively the never-ending process of learning. We work hand in hand in internal groups to develop steadily an individualized content for our day program.

All staff members of our team share a common goal of providing the best possible environment for the development and optimal encouragement of your children.

Our Preschool children are creative and curious little people who are eager to explore their environment. Our team does all what it can to recognize the qualities of each child and continue to develop.