Daycare teaching methods

Daycare teaching methods

The first three years are the most important for the development of the brain and language and it is therefore important, to provide the necessary stimulants in the children’s surroundings. Important elements of this development are for instance, reading books out loud. It is just as important, however, to provide the children with comfort and a space for well-being, in order to give them a feeling of security from the very start. Our facility therefore offers the children extensive learning and well-being surroundings coupled with age-specific teaching:

-         large- and fine-motor experiences (grabbing, walking)

-         cognitive experiences (the children learn to sort things into groups and to understand correlations)

-         we teach the principle of cause and effect using experiments

-         personal means of expression (imitation of others, playing together)

-         music: singing, being introduced to instruments

-         language training: finger games, reading out loud

-         natural sciences: for example, blowing bubbles, planting, sensory games with sand

-         schooling the senses: various surface, colors, etc.

-         gaining control over bodily functions

-         The development of the child’s own personality, becoming independent

-         setting limits

With these activities we support the child’s development while taking its individual pace of development into consideration. Children need challenges that they can also master.

We apply these concepts through activities carried out in more than one group and learning together in learning centers, whereby the children can always decide on  their own if they want to participate or not.