Our Mission

Our Mission

Children need stability and freedom in order to grow up to be self-confident individuals. They should be able to develop into open-minded and successful adults, and in particular should continue learning their whole lives long. This is the only way for children to become independent individuals who can think for themselves.

It is our task to ensure that the children receive teaching, supervision and care specific to each age group. They should be able to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally, regardless of age, cultural background, capability or gender.

Our Philosophy

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand!”


One for all, all for one!

jogoli’s international kindergarten & pre-school is a bilingual institution with a nursery for children between 1 and 2½ years of age, a kindergarten for 2½ to 4-year-olds and a pre-school for children from 4 years of age until they enter school.

These age groups provide the individualized guidance the children need, from the very beginning.

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