Kindergarten and pre-school teaching

Kindergarten and pre-school teaching

Our learning centers and teaching activities give the children the opportunity to play alone or groups. Our teachers play only a supporting role here. The activities include:

-  language training (for example, the children may develop a relationship to reading and writing, if they are interested)

- natural sciences (in experiments, the children experience certain natural laws such as water turning to steam)

- mathematical thinking (the children learn measures while baking, for instance)

- art and music lessons (taught by an external teacher)

- physical education

- project work (for example, arousing the interest and senses: various discoveries such as various types of animals, a farm…)

- excursions: (we can experience what we have learned)

general knowledge: the children learn to respect nature, for instance in separating refuse.

Our numerous and various teaching activities keep the children interested. They allow the children the opportunity to experience things under supervision. In order to strengthen the children’s freedom of choice, they decide themselves what they want to do. Each child may decide whether or not it wants to take part in the activities.