We pass a diverse breakfast with wholemeal bread, muesli, milk, sausage, cheese, jam, tea, fruit, juices and waters to the children.

The company called”apetito” delivers us with a warm meal.

The afternoon snack exists of yoghurt, curd, wholemeal biscuits with applesauce etc.

Who is “apetito” and why did we choose this company?

This company has suppliers of all processed foods and manufactures these foods on the same day. Finally the product will be shock frozen and stored. On-demand this deep- frozen product will be delivered to the respective customers.

Why “frozen food”?

Market research results and comments

Scientists agree that the freezing is the gentlest form of food preservation. In addition, the vitamin and nutrient content in frozen products, even after several months, is significantly higher than in comparison of food which was stored only a few days at room temperature.

(See: [ C3% BChlkost # Qualit.C3.A4t) 4]

It doesn’t matter whether beans, peas and Brussels sprout: the vegetables from freezing optimally preserves the important vitamins and nutrients over a longer period. The scientists found out for example that the vitamin C content stored of frozen beans at minus 18 degrees for one year a vitamin content of 80 percent still remains. Beans which are stored in the refrigerator a few days already loose over 60 percent of vitamin C.

Powerhouse for the health

Learn more about it: frozen vegetables can lower the cancer risk and strengthen body’s own resistance. In beans, peas and co. deep cooling contain lots of phytochemicals besides the vitamins even after months of storage. Such a substance is quercetin. In frozen beans, which are stored at minus 18 degrees, this valuable plant material is to be found almost completely even after a year. In the refrigerator at 4 degrees, however after a few days 40 percent of the quercetin is lost. Since time and temperature are the main enemies of freshness, nutrition experts have determined: frozen food is fresh, as frozen.


All research results are presented in the brochure “Let’s enjoy freshness with frozen food”. A study of various types of vegetables” can be found there. The German Frozen Food Institute (dti) issued publication informs of the importance of vitamins and value-adding ingredients for humans. Explanations about the processing of frozen vegetables from the manufacturers can be found there as well.

(See: Hamburg study was coordinated by the Research Association of Food Industry in Bonn, in close collaboration with the dti (ots and a study by the University of Hamburg, vitamin and nutrient content in frozen foods).

Quality of frozen foods
Frozen foods under the microscope

Whether foods in the freezer are recommended for a balanced diet, it becomes clear considering their production.

Although a survey of German Frozen Food Institute (dti) was commissioned, every third German regularly buys frozen products. Nevertheless some people keep a persistent prejudice that this kind of food contain fewer vitamins and are generally inferior. However, through the freezing the conservation process in which nutrients, taste, appearance and consistency of the food remains the best preserved. And sometimes frozen foods for a balanced diet are even better than fresh-cooked or fresh food. When and why these are facts becomes clear if we take a closer look, under what conditions the different foods are put in the freeze cycle.

(See: Read complete article on quality of frozen foods: frozen foods under the microscope | # ixzz21w7ShE2W

The quality of apetito

apetito meets in first and as the single company the new DGE-quality standards. The apetito quality management was already certified with DIN-ISO in 1994. The requirements of the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, we met in June 2009. As the first and only food vendors nationwide apetito has been certified for the latest quality standards of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in all areas. By integrating our suppliers into our quality management, we take care of the use of high quality raw materials. All processes are continuously reviewed, evaluated and optimized. All our products and services are developed according to the wishes and demands of our customers.

In the entire menu selection is – fully and consistently – not included: flavor enhancers of any kind, yeast extracts and flavorings, dye stuffs and other artificial and nature identical flavors. Soon apetito will start a communication initiative, which is called “pure taste – apetito of course.” With this new taste experience a fundamentally revised menu program will come on the market in the fall of 2012.

apetito now offers certified DGE-menu lines for child day care centers, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and meals services. The DGE-quality standards provide the basis for a full- value boarding. These certifications include requirements for meal planning and manufacturing and the food selection.