Room concept

The idea of our room concept we took from the children’s bestseller “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. This book illustrates the metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar, cocoon to butterfly. At the end of our concept children will become a wonderful flower which is ready for picking.  Our children essentially go through the same metamorphosis. One year old children  come to us as “eggs” lying on a leaf, buds and blossoms are around them, when they are two years old they become a catterpillar, at three they slip into a  cocoon, four years of age an over children become a butterfly and fly to preschool,  at the age of five  they become a flower and will be lovingly prepared for school.

In each of the five groups a German-speaking teacher is the reference person for the German-speaking children, and an English-speaking teacher for the English speakers. In each group an English and a German teacher are always simultaneously present. These teachers are assigned to a fixed group. In addition, each group is assisted by a trainee. Lessons alternate weekly between German and English.

The children are divided into groups according to their age in order to optimize their learning experience.

In the afternoon there are at the most three groups in operation, with five teachers each. This arrangement brings children from various groups together. Weather permitting, all of the children go to the playground together.

The facility

Our kindergarten is color-coded by room. All of the furnitures in each room has the colour of that particular room. For instance, the room of the leaf group (Blättergruppe) is blue, the caterpillar group (Raupengruppe) yellow, the cocoon group (Kokongruppe) green, the butterfly group (Schmetterlingsgruppe) orange and the flower group (Blumengruppe) red.

Almost all toys are made of wood or other child-proof materials. Our group rooms are divided into so-called centers. This makes orientation easier for the children and gives their activities more structure. The rooms are divided into a building area, a drawing area, a play area and a rest area, where the morning circle and game circle is held. We also provide an outdoor playground with a fairytale castle, a walk-in mushroom house, a see-saw, a climbing hill and a sandbox.