Preliminary courses in German

Dear parents,
in order to prepare children possibly best for “German” as a second language with  a migration background, we offer preliminary courses in this language. It is a cooperation program between our kindergarten and the nearby primary schools.

The objective of these courses is a solid learning of the German language as early as possible in order to attend the primary school without linguistic deficits and a lot of joy of communicating in German.

The extent of hours of this support program is a total of 240 hours per year and starts in the second half of the year, two years before attending school.

At the beginning of the year, two years before the primary school will start, the language proficiency of immigrant children is first determined. From February those children who have language deficits can attend a course in extra German lessons all in all two hours a week.

One year before the elementary school will start we increase the amount of lessons of approximately five hours per week. These lessons are given in cooperation of our kindergarten together and the primary school that means-two hours from our teachers and/– or three hours by teachers from the elementary school. Depending on the local conditions these courses partly can be held in our kindergarten or in a primary school.

The attendance of the preliminary courses, however, is purely voluntary because preschool children are not subject to compulsory school attendance. Therefore our offer is just a recommendation to attend these preliminary courses in German.

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